Thursday , December 9 2021

Prince Harry’s gift to Kate Middleton showed that he was as “sympathetic and selfless” as Diana


Although the relationship between Prince William and Prince Harry has been a hard blow in the past lately, the two brothers once had a great bond.

An example of this was evident at the time when the Duke of Sussex made a disinterested commitment to the happiness of his older brother.

Report of Sun The Duke of Cambridge took us back to the time when Kate Middleton proposed to her mother with the sapphire engagement ring of Princess Diana with the ring that Prince Harry had.

Although the legacy was not to be given to William by his future wife, Harry made the sacrifice, even though he personally chose a piece from his mother’s jewelry collection after his death in 1997.

As Paul Burrell, the Princess of Wales ’masterpiece, explained in the Amazon Prime documentary, Diana’s story: “Harry said, ‘Wouldn’t it be appropriate if he had a mummy’s ring?'”

“Then one day that ring will sit on the throne of England. Harry left his precious treasure. The only thing he kept for his mother, he gave it to his brother. That’s selfless, nice and who exactly Diana was,” Burrell said. .

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