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Rockstar Games eventually gives agents


Maybe PS5 Will Be Exclusive?

The most demanding exclusive PS3 Worlds are no longer, since Rockstar's parents have denounced the brand of the Agency.

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This is what everyone will come across as a blow, yet Rockstar's secret agent has been working all the time, but they have a registered trademark.

The agent was excluded for the first time since it was announced in 2007 as an exclusive PlayStation 3.

There was no description or footage before describing it every two years: the only stealth action game set in the 1970s.

Agent – Has it ever existed?

Years ago they had no more information and still Rockstar was still working.

The only confirmation was that some minimal screen screens were unexpectedly landed by background artists, but they did not have towns and no-escalators in the Middle East.

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Rockstar, or rather, Take-Two Interactive's parents continued to renew their trademark, but new workers were hired in 2015 to work on a "co-op stealth game".

Nothing happened, although, last week, Take-Two has left the Agent's ownership in accordance with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

If you want to be optimistic, of course, they just changed their name. In fact, the Agent is still on the Rockstar website, although probably not much else …

Agent – it was hypothesized to take it to Rockstar James Bond

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