Friday , July 1 2022

SA tries to threaten the threat of gold mines


South Africa is testing a potential catastrophe underground in its rich city – gold mining gold 30-centimeter drilling and explosion under one of Johannesburg's most important infrastructure, and explosions endangered.

The government has reinvigorated the action after announcing the new activity that the Sunday Times could have created.

Some of the illegal mines are below the 94,000 capacity of the FNB Stadium. Others, however, are actively under the major highways such as M1 and M2, the newspaper reported, Conel Mackay, head of the Johannesburg infrastructure support unit.

Johannesburg is in the middle of the Witwatersrand basin, the source of a third gold produced in the world.

Most of its former mining works are shallow, with a decade-mining underground mining area. The situation is even more dangerous if under-performing routine hearings are hardly understood by law workers, said Raymond Durrheim, a professor of geosciences at the Witwatersrand University.

"The mines in Johannesburg are relatively shallow and illegal miners will not take any action, there is a risk of collapse and surface erosion," said Durrheim. "Activities in the field are dangerous for the public".

If the Geoscience Council of the mineral resources department has a long-term impact on critical infrastructures, it has been said in a statement.

A violation of pipes may cause "disaster, damage to large infrastructure", according to Transnet. Americans and pipelines are not aware of how narrow blind mines have tight infrastructure, the newspaper has said.

The pipeline has methane that is rich in dry gas, which imports Sasol, Mozambique and South Africa, said the Sunday Times.

Some decades ago, companies that had been left out of the market since the launching of the ore have been able to seal open mines, but illegal operators are still able to access it and the police hinder a large area of ​​mining, Durrheim said.

"These things can be punctured again, that companies are hard to do something that is totally confusing," he said.

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