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See NASA scientists on Mars on Mars after the first 6 years


NASA scientists and engineers celebrate InSight Mars's landing test.
  • NASA's InSight landed on Monday in March, nearly eight months after the planet's landing.
  • Scientists are encouraging in NASA's missionary control, embracing each other and making wild bets.
  • He will explore the interior of Mars in the next two years, checking the temperature and earthquakes of the planet.

NASA's mission checkers have been released on Monday afternoon by the Scientists in the midst of InSight, probably touching on the track.

In the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, dozens of scientists laughed, embraced each other and launched wild beasts to celebrate landing in Mars for six years. Some NASA personnel, including the Ravi Prakash engineer, have said they were not launching InSight every day, to mark the planet's nearly seven-month earthquake red.

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"This is never old," said Rob Manning, chief engineer, during the live broadcast of NABS. "What relief".

For some scientists, Monday's land was made in dreams. Bruce Banerdt, InSight's senior researcher, thinks he has been studying Martian as a student of 40 years of age.

"Everything I've been doing is in my career," said Banerd. "It seems wonderful to me".

Manning said he had spent a lot of time looking at how it might go wrong in the mission, but he expected exactly the landing on Monday.

Some scientists have worked for a long time.

Monday Mars Landing was a curiosity to NASA since its arrival in 2012. Usually, four to five years have passed since the beginning of the NASA mission to launch the spacecraft. InSight, however, was delayed for two years, said Michael Watkins, Director of the Cursor Mission.

While InSight was designing an older and successful spacecraft – the 2008 Cape Phoenix – it needed more time to build a detailed seismometer.

Jim Bridenstine, NASA Administrator, said the atmosphere of the solar control was a livelier Monday afternoon, after having confirmed the good news and the good news.

As soon as her landlady touched Marsen, Bridenstine received a call from all zero numbers. Vice President Mike Pence, as well as President of the National Space Council, congratulated the successful mission.

"Call the successful mission in seconds," said Bridenstin.

InSight was the first Mars Curiosity 2012 Mars Landing.

Domenico Giardini, a professor of seismology and geodynamics in Switzerland, has been working for scientists for 20 years now.

NASA collaborates with several international scientists to study the interior of Mars, and Giardini said his team will analyze seismic events and meteorological events.

NASA wants to confirm InSight's solar panels expansion at 8:30 p.m. around. EST on Monday. Later, Landed will explore Mars in the Earth's years, take the planet's temperature and check quake.

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