Tuesday , March 21 2023

SIU Hlaudi Motsoeneng to go to the next R21m on behalf of SABC


The Special Unit for Research (SIU) began to play almost R33m in South Africa's South African Compensation Corporation (SABC) and in the name of the government.

This amount may be R21.7m probably due to the oldest SABC operator (COO) Hlaudi Motsoen.

A portion of this number has an illegal quota and another R10.2m for naming and layoffs.

The unit warned that the R2.4m fee paid for the musical legend was also sought.

Matter in court

The civil court process is underway and it is expected that further claims may be added.

"The units are closing quotations, the research is ongoing, the lawsuit is in court, and the rules and processes are related," said Nation's Pandor spokeswoman.

SIU approached the court to make quick decisions on quick issues on the subject.

The call of the SIU has warned that the council of SABC appeared on Monday in the Parliament's communication committee in accordance with its continuity.

SABC has announced several times that there will be almost 1,000 permanent employees and at least 1,200 self-employed workers.

The Emanarial payroll is about 50% of the money marketer and today he is in charge of calling it a "powerful restructuring strategy" with its reversal plans in its center.

Unions have threatened a blackout and a massive strike could be a job loss.

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