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SnowBank – BLEFF, Pravin Gordhan and Imaginary R675m Canadian Account

So how is a five-year-old ANC minister developing the world of development kleptocracy offshore 675 million Madibas far away from the remote Canada service? It does not.

First of all, some perspectives. In South Africa, as you ask, Pravin Gordhan's private company is tirelessly a tireless warrior against corruption or a Indian cane pumping hundreds of thousands of rand bank accounts far away, inhibiting Floyd's development in Shivambu& # 39;Families and Spoiled Tom Moyane& # 39; Christmas in Mauritania

Indeed, incidents are less ambiguous; The courts are accustomed to, and with great exasperation, steal allegations against the minister, pagoda retirement plans for his friends, etc.), and it is clear that his enemies form part of Zuma's renters as part of the retention of ANC and exile. Life must be unpleasant for Gordhan& # 39;Those who are embarrassed by their enemies, who are frozen in the mouth and who are slavering with mental patients, each time that Mercedes luxury vans are air-conditioned.

The international banker, however, could not make a few lessons about these nuances. These, Gordhan, is a member of the ANC card. The political party is a political party that is aware of disaster, rent and money dirty. (It was Bathabile Dlamini.) Of course, a certain international board of directors deserves its salt to Madiba with Madiba's picture and forget about corporate events hanging on the wall. But the banking sector of the developed world, ANC is a political smegma. Gordhan& Nbsp; two nominations as a finance minister Davos and other powerhouse neo-liberal talk-shops got a great deal of respect, not at Davos Keynote& # 39;t means much when it's a bank& # 39;Adhere to regulatory requirements.

Secondly, why are we discussing this? This week, Tuesday, the Freedom of Freedom Fighters spent a small part of their unlimited resources to make a party to dance outside the Brooklyn police station. He presented a series of charges against public incarnations minister. (One day he set charges against Malema on the day.) The most significant ones were in charge "racket and / or money laundering" With respect to the Canadian Royal Bank, which is considered to be an amount of R675 million and still symbolically significant. Why is it symbolically significant? That's it& Nbsp; almost equal to the number of Gupta brothers Mcebisi Jonas former former minister When Nhlanha Nene was taken& # 39;Changes in the return, give or take place in 2015.

Six hundred million. Sign the beast

If the FFF is unlikely to work for Guipuzcoa,& # 39;The similarities with Brothers Grim have been heard recently. One doesn& # 39;It must be some numerologist (or banker) to see how it is playing.

But, nevertheless, welcome to the Royal Bank of Canada! Sit seat& # 39;Am, and try to enjoy a delicious sweet sweet while enjoying one of these sweet flavors!

At this point, that's it& # 39;It is probably necessary to have a quick word about the Canadian banking sector, the only one that is the most regulated in the world. (Partial question: why was the EFF made a special stroke for Canada, because it is far away? Justin Trudeau was surprised by the Prime Minister, who also came to Nikelback?) After Canada& # 39;At the beginning of the 20th century, in the mid-90s, the agreement was converted into a government and country.& # 39;Big Four financial institutions: Bejesus regulates you and maintains a strong monopoly. So far, so good, and banks have suffered high-level mortgage loans, Canada (and, largely, Canada) with the least damage suffered by the financial crisis.

And get bankers Rich AF

Take-home is here in Canada& # 39;Big Four banks don& # 39;They play around T, because most do not need them. (Big Four is not opaque and must be confused a huge dangerous development of exportsGuptas bought a $ 45 million bomb. And it should not be confused by Bombardier, all of Montreal's aerospace / transport company supposedly the most corrupt in the world. Moving $ 45 million dollars would not be apprehended, but it would not be impossible. Gordhan would not be the first fraudulent depositor in a Canadian bank to accept shysters deposits all the time. But shysters breeds are different, we do not like South Africa.

Before going too far to eggs, however, we get through the weak aspect of the EFF story. First of all, it should be taken into account that the bank filing number does not constitute a bank account number when filing the charges& # 39;nothing comes from RBC. (As He first told news24and confirmed Daily MaverickThe EFF invented number system does not exist in the bank).

They are really stupid.

But, unfortunately, that& # 39;There is no stupid thing about accusation. The stupidity of this is that the name attached to the account is not Pravin Gordhan& # 39;s but, R Jamandas Gordhan, Someone can be someone, but that's not it right person.

Oh, wait! That's it& # 39;It's not the stupid thing! The stupid thing (true) is the account of the false number unknown doesnIt does not exist. There's no place, Shebrook, Montreal. (Sherbrooke, Québec, is a French-speaking province, or Sherbrooke RBC branch in Montreal).

So here we are the damn bank Hogwarts.

But I think it's there& # 39;You have still mentioned, the real problem with Gordan& # 39;d Know-Your-Client's stringent political demands must be considered politically Exposed Person (PEP) and fines and be honored The risk associated with these characters is not really worth the banks. Of course, there are many ways in which Gordhan could explain how a banker described me "Anonymous benefits of active onshore assets" that should be configured "with the help of sophisticated legal and legal advisors he won& # 39;t was the first to do this successfully." (The banker did not& # 39;He did not need to have a name& # 39;As it does, Godrich Gardee feels suddenly unexpectedly at 3:00 pm, in the meadow, with 11 shirts with red shirts.

What& # 39;Also, as the banker told me is there It is possible that this money could have gone much further in Canada, considering that the configuration was carefully arranged (and, therefore, beyond the EFFS margin,& # 39;m sad say). Go:

With respect to the amount: SA Exchange control point of view, this can be quantified by means of an SARB and SARS individual or corporation application or per annual R10m limit. To overcome the application process, the active SA Manager can be used& # 39;s Asset Swap limit. To obtain a quantum law every year, using the R1m radar below, the individual discretionary amount will be extended for a long time or a large extended family. The point is, three methods leave a paper ruler.

But that's not what BLEFF says. They're saying literally praI'm sorry, R Jamandas Gordhan has opened an account in RBC on his behalf, trying to do a very specialized job in the case of a good lap. VBS mini-pilferers – to secure and hide money. Local residents' accounts are common in Canada, such as through personal or institutional entities companyor collaborations – when the sources are legal or legal sources that are stored, and add narrative.

Thus, according to the bank's second bank, it is like a bank account. That's it& # 39;we're talking about a corporation – and we're not – Gordhan should provide corporate documents that show the company to have the right to open accounts identificationPeople that can act on behalf of a company or a partnership. Then he got the funds, why he chose In Canada, and the bank would confirm the story independently.

All this could have happened. But again he demands a track of incriminating paper.

In other words, this is a very bad libel. But it could be a significant cost. RBC and Canada& # 39;Superintendent of Financial Institutions, SA, equivalent to& # 39;The SARB / Regulatory Regulatory Authority has already sought to investigate this issue. Of course, there are no personal details about personal accounts, but Gordhan has "ordered a number of taxpayers to store" large amounts of money "in an" RBC account " "to spare you" – It will not be deducted from the bank account, and its fake money will be frozen. But if the EFF is lying, of course, them& # 39; again screwed up The bank has probably sued the reputation and can cause real pain in relation to transactions in dollars.


So two things. Undoubtedly, the EFF supports its supporters without the critical ability to think idiots. Worse, they themselves& # 39; again lack of access to financial illiteracy and reasonable grounds for reasoning, to make it very reasonable outrage Participating in the last days of the ANC& # 39;s Republic of South Africa. Second, these& # 39;The lie is as desperate as any desperate, it does not matter how it is done. In any case, all claims have been waived by reasonable opposition parties. They are just another group of Pijamako goons, in order to make a profit from that situation. Pravin Gordhan guessed it's not their illness. He is his hero.

It& # 39;It's shame, but it seems& # 39;Everyone in T Bank these days. DM


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