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Stun grenades fired outside the Civic Center of Cape Town while committing protests

He started his new year with the spokesman for the city of Cape Town on Friday, stun grenades for protest, water and toilet facilities.

The mayor, Dan Plateau, proposed an adapted budget for the first time on Thursday for additional security measures at the meeting.

"We want toiletries, water and electricity," said Ncedo Nkonyana, a demonstrator, before balancing himself and airing the division before the police.

Earlier, at least three stun grenades wager on the town, while toys continued with toys.

The chief of the ANC, Xolani Sotatshe, said one person had been arrested and that another had fought.

Sothé told Platoi that he was listening to him, citing the quote when the City received a SMS quote.

"And nobody will listen," he said.

Soteshe and the ANC councilor Khaya Yozi, as well as the main stem chief of Tandie Manikivana, also left the meeting to find out what was happening.

"His response (Plato) could respond that he did not jump in the queue," Sotashe claimed.

Residents did not know that the informal neighborhoods had priority and wanted answers.

Sotes also reported allegations that the people of the Hout Bay Temporary Area (TRA) had been taken after Imizamo Yethu's catastrophe in 2017, still waiting to return home before the end of the blockade.

They left the delegation in the center to discuss Plato's latest development.

In a prepared delivery language, Platon, from Lille de Lille in 2018, said the provision of service in the office, R115m to clean the toilets and R165m for additional security measures.

It destroyed a community parks in the Sea Winds, costing R7.6m.

The proposal includes R26.7m additional to human locations and the title recovery.

Inside the council, protesters in the public gallery were also removed.

Plato was forced to face Protestants on Thursday.

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