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Surveys in South Africa's highest wages – that is, people earn

CareerJunction He has published a full review of the 2018 salary, which is currently in 10 major South African 100 job categories.

The salary review has updated country updates on the country's last day, as well as regional differences in monthly payments. The salary will last until May 2018 on the CareerJunction website based on the real offer of sales.

The end-of-year reviews include specific wage levels at medium and high level, which are dying in 10 areas.

Salary range monthly cost of the company & # 39; and represent an average wage offer of each occupation.

The wages in the list below are divided into sectors, and the average salary differences in the region are included. BusinessTech highlights the jobs with the highest and lowest wages. However, it should be taken into account that the salaries are listed as a series of seniority and skill levels.

** Reporting information was not available, due to the small demand for these set of skills.

Admin, Office and support

  • Most paid: Health, safety and the environment – R36.264
  • Lowest paid: Cover and reception – R9,119

Architecture and engineering

  • Most paid: Civil / Structural Engineering – R70.826
  • Lowest paid: Engineering Technician / Manager – R20,943

Construction and construction

  • Most paid: Structural Engineering – R78, 264
  • Lowest paid: Metal, iron, steel and paints – R19.833


  • Most paid: Financial Management – R79.002
  • Lowest paid: Financial Services Advice – R13,567

Information technology

  • Most paid: IT management – R66,141
  • Lowest paid: Systems and Network Administration – R27.667

Manufacturing and assembly

  • Most paid: Plant Management – R72,583
  • Lowest paid: Assembly and manufacture – R15.333


  • Most paid: Marketing Management – R56.275
  • Lowest paid: Help mark – R 13.451

Medicine and Health

  • Most paid: Pharmacy – R46.025
  • Lowest paid: Assistant pharmacy – R13,700


  • Most paid: Sales management – R52.890
  • Lowest paid: Sales Administration – R11,953

Warehouses and Logistics

  • Most paid: Logistics Management – R52.048
  • Lowest paid: Dispatch and receipt – R9.354

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