Tuesday , June 15 2021

Telkom rivals the Icasa data set

Telkom has become The first operator in South Africa to set regulator regulation of IASA's end users subscribers regulating data expiration date.

This means that Telkom's mobile customer can now transfer data to other users and do not use the data.

"Telkom customers plan on all plans in order to transfer their data to mobile customers from Telkom and enjoy valid data extensions," the company said on Monday in a statement.

Telkom provides greater benefits for customers who purchase small ranges ranging from 25MB to 500MB

Earlier this month, Cell C and MTN To establish new norms until February 28, 2016, Icasa was settled.

Cell C filed an urgent petition at the Iason High Court against Icasa, the time it was given by Ibar, that is, on June 8, 2018, that it was very close and at least six months. MTN joined the application in South Africa.

Data expiry and rules that confront the set regulations have led to the protection of consumers. They were published on May 7, which must be filled in by operators.

Specifically, the modified regulations must indicate the operator:

  • The redistribution of the offer to customers, despite the fact that Icasa has left the rollover to determine how long it should be;
  • Send consumers the use of decommissioning notifications using 50%, 80% and 100% notifications;
  • Ensure that the access data is explicitly chosen only – consumers will not automatically automatically reduce the external rate range when their bundles are exhausted;
  • Provide the opportunity offered by other users not using it.

Andrew Dawson, Telkom, executive producer of mobile products and services, said the company continues to set the "standard of uncertainty" rules, "believes that the customer needs to make it consistent and consistent with the data of carrying the charge."

"For the launch of the Customer Service Letter, Telkom has secured customers with a minimum range of 25MB to 500MB, which will be available for six months now to buy their data. (c) 2018 NewsCentral Media

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