Monday , June 21 2021

The 30-second Reddit clip summarizes everything wrong with Fortnite

You would be hard to try and find a lot of Fortnite Battle Royale who takes advantage of the current situation.

Many of the Fortnite community have been talking about the game over the past few years, and are the main concerns of errors, glitches, and overpowered / underpowered items.

& # 39; LilYerk & # 39; The Reddit user has released a video, posting a video that explains everything that's wrong with the game.

The 30-second clip is an assembly of several sequels, and in the game it illustrates some of the bugs that plagiarize and causes a lot of processes.

There are several things that appear in the previous video. In the first case, the player is eliminated from the device, which evokes the apparently airborne enemy, although there is no interruption of the ping points or connection.

Next, Fortnite's common problem is a long time. This is because the shotguns do not cause damage, even though the firing pellets have shown an enemy opponent.

The top hat shows the player's shotgun by pressing the opponent's 10 pellet opponent while showing damage.

This problem will soon be fixed by announcing Epic Games on November 26 v6.3 update Shotguns, especially the Pump Shotgun, picks up a great buff.

The latest video-directed issue is not properly built, especially when using the Turbo Building feature. In Clips, the player puts a trap on the floor in the bathroom, and is located in another place, finally, showing the player and eliminating it.

When the damage is added, this player is eliminated with a mounted turret, which is very considered, and has been added by the majority of the players for the first time.

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