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The EFF does not respond to Sanef's attacks on journalists. – Citizens

On Tuesday, the National Editorial Forum SA (Sanef) stated that the EFF has given rise to a cold impact.

The controversial party has denied a request to Sanef for a meeting, which threatens and fears against the journalists were discussed as a result of inflammatory statements by the chief of the EFF, Julius Malema.

Sanef has said it would hold a meeting with the EEM leadership, following the threats posed by the Malema and EFF leaders in social media and in various political demonstrations, Sanef said on Saturday.

"Earlier this week, some of the Malema journalists were nominated and called on the EFF supporters" to address them decisively, "said Sanef in a statement he said last Saturday in a meeting held last week in 2018.

"After him [Malema’s] comments, some journalists have been seen physically speaking and abuse in social networks. A journalist threatened outside the Zondo commissioner's office, where Malemia did some of these threats. Another event, a senior editor [Ranjeni Munusamy] The three men talked to her when her mother-in-law cried out and while shopping, "Sanef said.

Malema and other leading EFF leaders would take some steps that would be unacceptable and inflammatory. These incidents were merely an example of journalists' comments and threats to ordinary politicians, and they could not accept it.

"Transferring beyond cyberspace and physical threats have become a real danger. Critics are part of democracy, but hate speech and threats against sexual abuse are in line and persecution, and can endanger journalists' lives, as well as a news story in the newsroom, younger journalists and they feel terrifying, and consequently criticize politicians' reports, "said Sanef.

The secretary general of the EFF, Godrich Gardee, wrote to Sanef on Tuesday that the party's calendar was "very tight and very reserved for meetings and activities until the election date".

The elections will take place in May 2019.

The National EFF spokeswoman, Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, said earlier that at least two national radio and television programs would meet the EFF with Sanef.

After announcing it on Saturday in Sanef, Malema tweeted that "you do not have to pick Racist things like this white boy named Adriaan Basson."

He is the Treasurer of Basson Sanef and forms part of EFF Representation.

"While we acknowledge the right to criticize the media at Malema, we will continue to be the threat and fear of individual journalists, often criticizing women critically at the EFF and their hot news in the newsroom. EFF's leadership was the first step in response to Sanef's threats and We thought it was absolutely essential before the election, "said Sanef on Tuesday.

This forum said that it would continue to seek legal advice by "remedies available to us by journalists for bullying and intimidation to protect politicians."

"Our meeting of the Council's reporters warn that press conferences or demonstrations should be under threat or frightened by political parties, and they can show solidarity and support for all journalists by leaving press conferences and rallies.

"We have taken into account that the EFF has decided to ban certain media organizations, such as the Sunday Times in the press conference. We had previously found it with the EFF as it was forbidden to ban the ANN7, but we will announce magazines on Sunday, Sunday.

"The seriousness of our threats to our profession has been emphasized by the Human Rights Council, which expressed concern that" leaders, public servants and / or authorities in the media, intimidated or threatening instances, including individual journalism, increase risk "threats and journalists against violence and imprisonment credibility undermines public confidence "."

When the United Nations General Assembly made a resolution in 2017, Member States (including South Africa) unanimously condemned "intimidation, torture, extrajudicial killings, reinforcing disappearances, arbitrary arrests and arbitrary detention" by "all journalists and media workers, threats and harassment, attacks or their offices and anti-media attacks, both conflict and resolution. "

Sanef calls for "all media supporters of freedom of mass media to join us in discussing journalists' constant bullying and intimidation."

(Compiled by Charles Cilliers)

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