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The KZN prison chief speaks of Bosasa after allegations

KwaZulu-Natal prisoners have been arrested by Menkelwa Nxele
Accusations about evolution were hired against Zondo
Weekend Statistical Catch Query Committee.

He took over R50,000 more than one month
Excess surplus for the installation management company, Bosasa. The accusations made by former Administrator Angelo Agrizzi of Bossa, at the same time, interrupted Nxele as a result of an unexpected accident.

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On Tuesday, Nxel took executive services (DCS) to the Labor Court in Durban to prohibit its suspension.

He said that after the procedure he spoke to the media, it was interrupted after a disciplinary process that was carried out later.

"The manager of 2014 dismissed and recaptured the 2017 negotiation council that recaptured work in November 2017."


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Nxel said that it forced some "process" "speeches" within the department that addressed the "suspension of managers".

"This time, that's it [discrepancies] not set For the research, I feel I'm not working. I came to the court for incident matters. There are no grounds for suspension.

Unfortunately, he said that the suspension was unfortunate.

When Agirrez asked about the arguments against Bossa, the commission did not speak.

"It was absurd for me to be informed and I was never told that he was witnessing me."

"In my opinion, as I was told by the Commission in advance, I was prepared to prepare for my participation and respond."

Nxele said the committees have been in discussions since. When he was asked to receive a sovereign from Bosasa, he said: "I do not want to discuss the issues of the commission outside the committee, it will undermine the processes."

Nxele is one of the senior officials involved in the capture of Americans. He was accused of taking over surplus R57 500 per week in the last week.

The effects of soil on Vernie Petersen's former curators DCS in 2007 were rejected.

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