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The next Fortnite event will be the virtual concert of Marshmello

The next big Fortnite event is quite fun and exciting. EDM DJ, Marshmello, will hold a virtual concert for the next Fortnite event, on Saturday (February 2, 2019).

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Marshmello's virtual concert in Pleasant Park, Fortnite neighborhood. The setting is perfect thanks to a virtual concert, because it has a great American football, that is, perfect for virtual virtual sharing. Nowadays, the stage is being built in Pleasant Park, if you want to take a look.

Marshmello also shows a virtual concert on his website, a cool touch and an important Fortnite event. This is not the first Fortnite event that will be Marshmello. In the past year, E3, Marshmello and the celebrity game, Ninja, (and win) competed for Fortnite Championship celebrities. The couple still plays and sometimes plays games together.

Great events have been known for the growth of players, and this weekend's great event. This is to give Virtual Fortnite a virtual event for a virtual concert, and it will be exciting to see how the experience will be. The previous events had amusing fun ice-ice lakes, like the purple scene and rocket launcher.

Epic Games has still been officially confirmed to confirm the next Fortnite event, but it will be safe for this weekend. The date of the construction phase and the Marshmall's tour program is basically for Fortnite fans.

Come on this weekend at the virtual concert organized by Fortmite Marshmello.

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