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The resurrection shepherd blames the man's family, refuses to revive power

The Church of Aleluia is said to have revived a man who died in a coffin, Alf Lukau, pastor Alf Lukau, said that the man was already alive when the Church arrived.

Gauteng's transmitter PowerFM's Power Drive host Thabiso Theme spoke on Wednesday afternoon, Lukau said he was busy being sacked Sunday when the sermon was suspended and said they brought a person to a church in a coffin.

"Before going to the premises of the church, the coffin began to shake, the person was alive," explained Lukau.

They heard that in the coffin they said that he was alive, he began to pray to him, put him in the church and take him to the church.

As the host's question led men to the church for the first time, Luka said: "I am not sure, we are the house of God and the shepherd who serves the Lord's house."

Lukaus said the man had brought his family to the church, because they thought something would happen to pray.

He decided that the man could answer more questions about the church to the male family.

"I think people have led the church to believe that God has the capacity to revive this person," said Lukauk.

Pastor wanted questions about the issue to bring the ill and the powers to life.

After repetitions of the subject, Lukau finally said that he had no ability, except "as God used as an instrument".

"I can not safely say and I have not clarified to pray for the recovery of this person, I do not want to take that credit. God wants to recover and give grace and power, I will try through faith," said Lukau.

It was the first time that the Church's case was.

Earlier, the Committee on Promotion and Protection of Rights, Culture and Religion (CRL Commission) said it would call on the incidents on Sunday.

TAKE NOTE: & # 39; It may be real & # 39; – CRL Commission for the Rights of Pastor Lukau

However, Luka does not say anything in the church.

In a statement released on Wednesday afternoon, before the Lukau interview, the Alleluia Ministry feared the chief man responsible for reviving mankind.

The funeral services of the kings and Queens carried a mortality vehicle to the family.

Lukau echoed that, at the time, the vehicle had entered into its premises, there was a movement inside the coffin.

"When he prayed before Elliot (a man in a coffin), Pastor Alphe said that Elliot was breathing," said the Church in a statement.

Church further said that Elliot or his alleged family were not in the church before arriving.

"Additionally, and, incidentally, the wrong reports that represent the alphabets' daughter Alph's sonic media portrayed by some camcorders Elliot is not the case, and the camera still uses churches." say

The church also said that the funeral parlors had no connection, as they said.

This is, for example, that the body approached transporting them to the church.

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In a video that is being made on social networks, King Kings and Funerary Kings Services can be seen to move the coffin to the church where Lukau and the congregation prayed from one coffin to another.

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