Sunday , February 5 2023

The support center cuts HIV stigma in communities


WORLD AIDS Day is celebrated on the 1st of December on HIV / AIDS pandemic issues worldwide. Today, people around the world gather memories of those who died of HIV / AIDS.

Support, care, patience and love is the opportunity for people living with HIV to be able to give people with knowledge of HIV / AIDS beaten. Those who live with it can live a full productive life and without it it can be negative.

Victims of HIV / AIDS is a day of aid in the recovery world of hope and tribute to those who succumbed to the disease.

Local organizations and NGOs offer health services to people who have HIV / AIDS assistance and hope to provide support and education.

Greytown's Umvoti Support Center provides support and support for HIV / AIDS to people infected and affected.

Managing Director Sithuthukle Mchunu Greytown Gazette: "Buhlebuyeza 160 Secondary Education, 160 nine and nine students graduated with Yolo (Only Live Once), in collaboration with the Department of Social Development, which allows young people to strengthen the necessary social skills, to reduce the risk of sexual behavior, as young people are exposed to HIV."

Mchunu said that the Umvoti sub-district facilitated the module called "My body, My life, My Choice". This involves teaching about HIV / AIDS.

A group of the center visited the rural school Msinga; Busani High, Combination Mgwempisi, Primary Ophthalum, Combined Siphakeme and Mashingizela High. More than 5 200 students attended, about sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy prevention for adolescents, gender violence prevention and personal hygiene.

Mchunu said: "The Sub-Saharan UMshwati Program is funded by the South African Defense Foundation (Afsa) program in Elma, to increase the HIV prevention, HIV testing services, TB screening, malnutrition, and ART. Ages 18 to 19 years old.

"We are using the Risk Clubs in the uMshwati sub district, with people living with HIV to support ART support and provide support systems and a lifelong education platform for the management of HIV. Those who live with it can live a full productive life, without which it may be negative."

In response to the high prevalence of HIV in adolescence girls, the center participated in an initiative of the Health Systems Trust launched this year.

"It is important to balance education, awareness and prevention in all areas of the community, among Afghá Dreams between the ages of 13 and 24 between the elderly and women," said Mchunu.

The purpose of this program is to provide support, education and support for the infected and infected HIV infected persons in the Pandemic of the Umvoti Court.

This program offers a safe place to mention victims of abuse, nutrition, school uniforms, food packs, clothing, identification documentation, ease of financing and the most important government departments.

Likewise, the center tries to reduce the gap between rural and urban communities in order to educate community-based HIV / AIDS prevention populations in rural areas.

Mchunu said: "Umshwati's membership clubs, support groups, and HIV testing services are day programs, often taking part in school initiatives, all of which we work on in all 14 umvoti halls."

However, HIV / AIDS prevention education has not yet reached many rural communities.

Michun added: "There is still a lot to go to the deepest areas of the country, to have access to vital health services. The Department of Health has a community model designed to personalize health care.

"The NGOs like the Umvoti Aids Center are designed to overcome the gap that still exists, only the collaboration between the Department of Health, municipalities [local and district], NGOs and businesses, especially in Umzinyathi district. "

The center is working with all members of Umzinyathi District, Cyril Ramaphosa has achieved the goal of directing the National Law Office. The test started this year and the increase in the treatment of HIV / AIDS campaigns has increased. Two million people with antiretroviral treatment, compared to December 2020.

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