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The trusted Kwagga Lions can overcome the gap left by Whitney

2019-02-27 14:52

Brenden Nel – SuperSport.com

Johannesburg – Lost Captain Warren Whiteley Lions is a massive blow to the Super Rugby over the weekend, neighbors, bulls, but that means that other leaderships have to step on.

Kwagga SmithWhen Whiteley missed the rojiblancas when he left Whitney in the first half, he thinks he'll be the leader when he loses his inspiring captain, "you do not have to be a plate". battle

Smithe said SuperSport.com show leaders of the leadership team and make sure that Whiteley will continue fighting in every corner of the country. Whiteley will return for six to eight weeks after a grueling musky muscle.

"There are many leaders in the group and it helps a lot – Warren is now aware, but we have leaders, there is not one and you do not have to be a captain. It is good for us, training is full week, we did not have one last week, guys They returned to Argentina and it was not a whole week.

"We're going to join this week. We're printing this weekend and we're working on Tuesday to prepare Tuesday, building is better."

Whiteley is still a big part of the party, which is why Lions is losing a lot.

"Warren's loss is great for us, but unfortunately, it's not very serious, and it's going back. It's keeping us going, keeping Warren for the first time for many years," said Jaco Kriel, for whom there are many leaders and the team's character will be stronger and play with Warren, I know he's not going to be in the heart, but he's here and helps with video sessions and helps with the team, so it's a good thing to help us, and for us, it's an important step forward in showing up and making progress. "

Smithe rests on the ground of the park's house and the bull thinks it will be a tough test this weekend.

"Yes, it's very common for us to stay home again. It's a normal week for us, we're not doing it for a while, or not for a trip. It's a common week for us, we're in the front of our people.

"Of course, because you watch them playing because of them, you have to watch and analyze the game, bulls are a good team and so far they are trying to play a huge rugby game, good skills, but just focus on working for us. , do everything we can do ourselves and our own abilities. In the second half of the Stormers, we did a little bit of what we can do, we can do that and it's fine. "

The bulls will be able to cope with tactical tactics.

"We have our plans against it, we have looked at it and know what we want to do, as we have looked at and what we want to do. Focusing on the focus and focus on the day you can get an option or you can get 10 options, but it gets You have to use the options you have. "

Lions will leave on Thursday, Saturday, at 5:15 p.m.

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