Tuesday , June 15 2021

Tom Moyane would be a disaster in Sars & # 39;

The Moyane Court accused the Constitutional Court of the case that it had failed in its case of disciplinary action or the Nugent Commission, because it had no direct access or exclusive jurisdiction, the judge said "had other means".

The Nugent committee demonstrated in the previous eight months how Moyane, as an adviser,
He has undergone a profound remodeling of the operational SARS model.

This purged or excluded dozens of experimental workers, and reduced the fiscal agency's ability by diverting the key units.

"The Sarsen reparation process will not be good until the end of the term until it is appointed as a new commander. Until then, Sars will clean up spending
"Nugent said in a sworn statement that it is" decisive "to postpone a new commissioner without delay, deciding to" long-term strategy ".

Moyan struck a decade-long strategy of SARS, after four years of the system of the tax system of the agency, Nugent said a new commissioner could say that he could give a good motivation to save money. neglect

Nugent stated that without the intervention of the evidence, the e-filing system would be "dangerous" in two years.

It was also another proof, said the commission, after issuing its provisional report, stated "a serious disgrace", "goes beyond mere content."

He did not report any allegations. Moyan did not answer them yet.

The subject matter will be in Pretoria on December 4 and 5, and the parties agreed to change the date of December 27.

Nugent, after presenting the final report of Ramaphosa, said he had requested an extension in his statement.

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