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Vaping can leave some people cigarettes, but what is nicotine?

E-cigarettes left more people to quit smoking than traditional therapy for replacement of nicotine, says a new study, but vapes are not addicted to nicotine cure for curiosities. The majority of the smokers who tried their cigarettes were still smoking at the end of the trial, and most of them do it It leaves smoking a year later.

New study posted on Wednesday New England Journal of MedicineAfter a year, the percentage of smokers e-cigarettes gave us cigarettes. Using conventional conventional patches, using conventional treatments like gums, sleeping bags or inhalers, more than 9.9 percent of the people who stopped smoking. According to the results, e-cigarettes add the weight of claims that help cigarettes, but we still do not know how to use long-term effects of e-cigarettes or how to use these millions of teenagers.

E-cigarette companies market their cigarettes as an alternative non-smoking alternative. Being cigarettes smaller than cigarettes does not have a small bar, according to the CDC: "Cigar burners are very dangerous and half of people with long-term burns have died." The jury may cease the custody of cigarettes, Vox reports: compared to other rigorous trials compared to other solutions, like patches or gums.

"This type of research, a systematic and random random random control system that was missing out on the benefits of electronic cigarettes and the long decade of damage," said Gideon St. A tobacco researcher from Helen University in California, in San Francisco, has not participated in the study, says in an email The Virgin. Still stand out: for example, participant studies he knew They used e-cigarettes, such as patches, and the knowledge was better than the other strategy that could change the results somewhat. In addition, the study does not evaluate more types of e-cigarette, such as Juul. However, St. Helen says: "Findings are very important and maybe changing games."

Peter Hajek, a professor of clinical psychology, the researchers led by Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine, wanted to quit smoking 866 and they did not care. In the first month, all of them received a sudden conversation with the clinic. Half also received nicotine replacement suppositories, and half of them were given an initial kit for a refill bottle, including a flavored Tobacco Royale flavored bottle. Participants could exchange their device or liquid if they wanted to.

The researchers analyzed the participants regularly, evaluated things like sleep, whether they felt nausea, how much their throats or their mouths were weakened and how many weakened reptiles. It was a big question, so that the participants could stop cigarettes all year long. The researchers monitored the study of carbon monoxide by exhaled participants – a smoking cigar marker. A year after, 18% of e-cigarette users left cigarettes, 10% of the nicotine replacements group. E-cigarette users liked more than their other bodies, they had nicotine replacement therapy and less withdrawal symptoms.

Here's a catch: Among the people who burned the cigar fuel, 80% of people still used e-cigarettes a year after. It is a considerable fraction at this point that it still has compared to 9 per cent of people who used traditional nicotine replacement therapy. So, although vaping cigarettes made it easier for something to get out, it did not help much to get nicotine out. In addition, the study did not use e-cigar types like Juuls that predominate in the market. Science is still away, but comfort, high dosage of nicotine and nicotine saline formulation makes it possible for pod-based vapors to be inevitable than those used to reuse.

Vaping long-term health effects will be especially important if cigarette e-menus indicate the beginning of a long-term habit. We find out that malicious chemicals enter e-liquids while sitting on shelves, for example, showing carbohydric and irritant exposure signals. Additionally, nicotine health science same It's still murky – some research suggests that it may be dangerous to people with heart problems. And it's addictive; Because people control their disorders, or withdraw unpleasant.

Question, St. Helen says, what is it now? Yes, the analysis adds weight to something faster: e-cigarettes can be useful tools to extract a part of the smokers. But it is impossible to look at vacuum discoveries: there are 3.6 million High school students and middle school students using e-cigarettes The US general surgeon has declared an epidemic. "This risk remains, but it will be a precedent, well-conducted studies show that e-cigarettes can stop smoking adults," says Helen. The answer is that the regulators and the e-cigarette industry are in a position to make the young man stand up in the record of numbers.

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