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#Vlakfontein: Khupek Khozas helped me die and die, says Mabaso

Vusi Ernest Mabaso has accused of losing 7 members of Vlakfontein's family. Image: Simphiwe Mbokazi / African News Agency (ANA)

Johannesburg – Protea Magistrate's Court heard Wednesday that 27-year-olds accused of killing and killing members of Vlakfontein's Khoza family have committed crimes for 61 years.

Ernest Mabaso said Fita Khup had forced her until she was killed by nursery school.

Mabasok and Khupe called for murder and robbery in seven cases. Mabaso is also against three violent rapes.

He said no charges were made, and his family could pay R5,000.

Mabaso, born in Nelspruit, South Africa, is a graduate education diploma in Mpumalanga and Northwest in 2012. The court did not work during his arrest.

In his judicial affirmation, in the application of Mabaso's authorization, he briefly said that he was committing criminal committees.

"In 2015, when I was practicing a secondary school in My Rawan, I was renting a room near Hlabane, my landlady and other unknown people were drugged and kidnapped me and I woke up in Cape Town. Two men approached the Sun I was in the dark room and told him that it was a job that they wanted me to do in Johannesburg, "Mabaso said.

He started working on unknown men and drugs. A little later they had the information they needed for Johannesburg.

If the police were involved, he would die and nothing was going to be done with the police.

"I used the purpose of Sibusiso Enerst Khoza, and I realized that I did everything I did. I created a Facebook account called Sibusiso and Sne and Nomfundo Khoza were invited. Sne accepted my friend's request."

Mabaso said he was relinquished as a member of the Khoza family, began to communicate with WhatsApp's Sne and added him to the family's chat. He said he was coming and going to visit.

"People in Cape Town told me they were going to go to Johannesburg and would have died. I did not say so [and] They threatened me, and said I was a teacher, I never killed anyone. I decided to rob the car and go home, but I was arrested when I was stolen in the car, while still in King Williams Town in Eastern Cape. "

Ernest Mabaso and Fita Khupe. Image: Itumeleng English / African News Agency (ANA) Archive

Mabaso called on the court after releasing him from prison, told the same person that he was still working and still killed his job in Johannesburg.

When he was taken to Johannesburg, he met Khupe and told him to win the confidence of the Khoza family and not to forget the family's death.

After a few months, Khup told him to travel to Zimbabwe and how he was killed by the Khoza family. Mabaso called on the court to give him a hammer.

"Khup said it would have to blow two times with ten, so they do not make noise."

Khup asked him whether he had finished the job and asked him when he asked three women to die, Mabaso said, although he did not know.

"I told them about the four family members and told them to pick up children from Palm Springs, I got Karabo and Lolo. When I was dying of Karabo, I saw that I was suffering and put on the baby behind," Mabaso said.

Mabaso said he had stolen the bank card and made money to escape Nelspruit. He was arrested at his grandmother's house.

"I acknowledge that I have committed the violence against the deceased, I have denied my intentions in my own right. Khup was forced and threatened, and he was afraid of my life," Mabaso said.

African News Agency / ANA

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