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Vodacom prices increase

Vodacom announces the downward price increase of the selected 2019 packages on April 1, 2019, the MyBroadband Report.

There was no specific detail on the price increase, and the notification was made in the statement of the new external data rate (OOB).

Several Vodacom package modifications will be made in accordance with the regulations of the end user and subscribers of the ICASA from February 28, 2019.

The company said that these changes would reduce the OOB rate of 70%, as well as the revision of new data mechanisms.

Vodacom will have the rates for R0.99 MB per common prices and R0.89 prices for wireless and contracted customers for R0.49 MB.

Additionally, registered customers for Vodacom data functional remodeling will have an OOB of R0.30 MB per MB.

These changes will be entered on March 1, 2019.

Data redirection and transfer

Vodacom also announced that the system has been aligned with the new ICASA regulations, followed by The authority expresses its concern to get network data retrieval

According to the mobile operator, the subscribed packets of these data will be free of one month's data.

The range of all customers will be recovered from the purchases data without additional charges, if the customer purchases the same range, the company said.

It would announce more system changes in the near future.

"Apart from the ICASA regulations, we also went further, cutting the range data rates, between 45% and 70%, to increase customer value," said Vodacom.

"Additionally, the recharge of the data will be free. Over the last three years, Vodacom has reduced the cost of data by more than 40%, which shows that our price transformation is still a real value for our customers."

Vodacom will also be able to transfer 50 MB of data to other users over the Vodacom network, up to RGB of up to 1 GB.

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