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Vox has launched new satellite broadband packages

Vox has launched satellite broadband plans with its satellite broadband provider YahClick, offering better speed and more data options.

YahClick uses Ka-band satellites to provide satellite Internet connectivity for high-speed across Africa.

Vox would gradually get in touch with clients to offer them new opportunities to help them to change and switch to new connectivity plans.

These new plans offer a much wider range of service enhancements and service plans, maintaining the existing voice channel characteristics.

"There has been a remarkable improvement in speed from 1-7Mbps to 16Mbps, there is a wider range of service plans and users keep their voice channels," said Jacques Visser, a wireless Vox.

"This is the first phase of upgrading speed of YahClick satellite services. The second phase will increase the speed of 25Mbps," Visser added.

Migrating to new packages will not require changes to the client's premise equipment, and there will be no migration charges.

Each month packages have data allocation ranging from 5GB to 400GB, which is subject to the rational use policy of YahClick.

Visser has said that satellite broadband are particularly useful for clients in rural areas where the traditional infrastructure of the establishment is unstable or not.

Below are YahClick 16Mbps Satellite Broadband Package Prices Vox website.

Monthly dataDownload / Load speedPrice pm
5GB16Mbps / 2MbpsR399
10 GB16Mbps / 2MbpsR499
20GB16Mbps / 2MbpsR999
30GB16Mbps / 2MbpsR1,500
50GB16Mbps / 2MbpsR2,290
100GB16Mbps / 2MbpsR4,500
200GB16Mbps / 3MbpsR9,200
500GB16Mbps / 3MbpsR21,500

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