Friday , February 3 2023

Who is the highest television in the world?


The world's most watched TV hosts have been revealed, hundreds of millions of pounds a year ago, with a small screen.

The Forbes list is made up of United States day presenters, as high-grade ratings have their salaries as their prime-time counterparts.

Check out the top five top-level hosts and how they earn their millions.

Who are the top TV hosts in the UK?

Winners of the winners of Britain's winners are approaching the Atlantic.

Ant and Dec made a contribution of 29.5 million euros until June 2017, with X Dermot O & Leary's £ 3 million annual earnings.

The BBC posted wages The highest paid stars in 2017.

Ant McPartlin continues the show's footsteps
Ant and Dec said they were able to exchange nearly 30 million euros in June 2017

Gary Lineker's daily play match will be credited to £ 1,750,000 and £ 1,799,999 per year.

Graham Norton paid the salary £ 850,000 from £ 899,999 in 2017, but this was not paid Friday night for a chat show.

The BBC's chief winner was Chris Evans, a radio show paying for £ 2m.

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