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Will the World League change to international rugby?

Cape Town – Reports suggest World League international rugby was completely renewed from the beginning 2020.

According to a New Zealand Herald report, 12 international rugby nations – included Springboks – It will be understood that the interest in obtaining the product is commenced, which can be signed the following month.

New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Italy, France, Japan and the United States form 11 other parties. That is why all sides of the Pacific islands – Fiji, Samoa and Tonga – would be excluded.

According to the article, each participating country would have earned between 10 million dollars and $ 14 million (R95-133 million) in the broadcasting business.

Rugby Championship will be held annually, but it will be the only competition that Japan and the US would add.

With an eye-catching idea of ​​the approach and the journey, the Six Nation's parties would travel in the southern hemisphere to do three randomly assigned trials in June or July.

The southern hemisphere nations will face Northern Northern Hemisphere nations in the north in November, taking the number of test matches in 11 years, in the final quarter and in the final of the 11 teams.

If the World League materializes, it will be the biggest change in international rugby at the dawn of the professional era.

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