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#WisdomWednesday: Your dog is vaccinated against incurable virus!

Dr. Doret du Plessis (right) with his assistant, Sifiso Zondo, (on the left), going to Pomeranian. Photo illustrator.

Dogs from West Rand have embedded the Distemper virus immediately.

Warning Tshwane SPCA has confirmed that the emergence of Canine Distemper has been severe in the Waltloo branch on Wednesday, January 23.

Tshwane by the official SPCA website [] "Distemper is an airborne virus that spreads faster, and there is no cure. Symptoms can often appear in time and dogs appear to be healthy early to become sick later. The first signs of distemper are unmarried, coughs and mucous bumps come from the eyes and noses. Abnormal vomiting, diarrhea and appetite are also common symptoms of the virus. "

Read more about the virus here []

Dr. Elizna Boag, Director of the Business Unit of Afrivet, Asset Animals and Ethics, published this week, saying: "Dog owners should know that distemper is viral and protects the immune system, according to the veterinarian. Only supportive treatment After a diagnosis of the dog with the treated dysthymnium, an estimated 50 per cent of adult dogs and 80 per cent of dogs would overcome the disease, the only way to prevent the disease from being vaccinated. "

Loranka Boshoff, president of Rand West, SPCA, says "We are a very dangerous virus among dogs, so we encourage dogs to take action to take their dogs. People will take their dogs to their local veterinary clinics as they do not have vaccines."

Herald Duet Dr. Plessis from the Veterinary Clinic at the Culemborg Park has talked about the virus.

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