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World Rugby will explain worldly thinking

Cape Town – World Rugby After having made unprecedented falls, after the publication of the reports, "Big 12" decided to create "World League" in order to reproduce the days of foreign countries.

FIRST: Rugby world Rugby is making it very easy

In a statement published on its website, World Rugby stated:

World Rugby recognizes and values ​​players' reflections and international competition in debates.

However, as International Rugby Players (IRP) organizations have indicated, it is amazing to participate in this continuous process. The welfare of World Rugby players is a strong commitment and will pay special attention to the welfare of players taking part in continuous discussions.

While it is not appropriate to determine, broader interest groups, along with IRP, are constantly evolving. However, it is important to take into account the assumptions made in the statement about some of the proposed structures are inaccurate and at the heart of the constructive dialogue of the general concept of reproductive load and emerging nations.

Consumer research annually confirms a structured competition, allowing fans and new audiences to see and enjoy the international pace to showcase new fans all over the world. There is no doubt that the structured international competition will re-invest in the global game that would bring more long-term long-term revenues into the global game. This project focuses on long-term growth and stability, and we are not short-termed, and players have more opportunities.

As explained by our Executive Commissions and Trade Unions, we are committed to the process of constructive dialogue with all stakeholders, including IRP, to provide a model that guarantees competitors' competitive and competitive results, and is truly exciting and exciting each year. It is an excellent international competition for players, clubs, fans and unions. .

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