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Yes, Nigeria is the world's #1 largest producer of HIV-infected & # 39; da.


"Nigeria is the largest producer of HIV-free infants" under the title Sun diary A new project has been reported to make HIV positive for HIV in their babies.

The Nigerian health minister said that "there is no reason why Nigeria should be a major producer of infected HIV. We support about 30% and our goal is to eliminate it. We believe that doing so."

World Health Organization defines it HIV transmission is the mother-daughter transmission of a positive HIV virus tDuring pregnancy, work, breastfeeding or breastfeeding.

Nigeria 36,000 newly born children in 2016

Adewole told AFC that he referred to the UN data in 2016 in Nigeria the highest fee (26.9%), among new HIV infections, among 23 priority countries.

"Based on useful data, using national HIV prevalence, full population, fertility rates, and childhood care and actual HIV services," he said.

Gatien Ekanmian, strategic information consultant UNAIDSAfrica said. Verify how institutions use these data in the statistical modem to access the software.

For 2016, UNAids collected more than 15 million children infected with Nigeria's virus. Mozambique accounts for 9.6% of new infections (13,000 children) and 8.6% with South Africa, or 12,000 children.

Uncertainty in childhood infections estimates

However, the number of new children in Nigeria could be roughly 22,000 or 56,000. For this reason, researchers need more hypotheses when calculating the estimation of childhood infections, UNAids explains. This increases uncertainty.

"For example, the prevalence of adult HIV prevalence is lower than the estimates on HIV incidence among infants, which require more prevalence amongst pregnant women and the probability of child transmission, their additional uncertainty," the document's method indicates.

Even though data is less than 15 years old and less than babies, Ekanmian UNAids believes that other forms of infection "causes a small fraction of the total number of children who receive HIV."

New HIV / AIDS research project in Nigeria

More detailed data will soon be available.

"CFar from it, Nigeria is one of the largest surveys, known as Nigeria HIV / Aid and a survey of indicators, because the expected data are expected at the beginning of 2019, "said Ekanmian.

Frank Lule, Regional HIV Consultant for HIV / AIDS African OMM Office, said the survey was probably more likely than a mother-in-law transmission was reported earlier. Indeed, in the past, census data was used to count children born to women with HIV in the virus, which is why the number of infants in pregnant women increased.

Pregnant children can take action

Dr. Awoyemi Abayomi, Senior Lecturer in Biological Sciences University of Tai Solarin Education, said that there was no awareness that the transmission rate for Nigeria's mother-child was high.

"Nigerian women infected with HIV do not take precautionary measures, before and after, when they are needed, to correct the problem, to deal with this problem."

Country MICS Survey Only found in 2007 13% Nigerian women have tested HIV and their status is unknown. This figure fell by 11% In 2012, but it has increased 34.8% 2016/17.

Conclusion: In 2016, Nigeria infected newly infected infectious diseases in 23 countries

In a report on launching a new project for their babies' mother-in-law, Sun reports that Nigeria is the "largest producer of HIV infected babies."

UNAids data show in 2016 in Nigeria 23.9% of new HIV infections (26.9%) outside 23 priority countries. There were fewer than 37,000 infants infected with the virus.

But since children do not question HIV data, this figure can be as high as 22,000 or 56,000.

Nigeria is currently one of the world's largest HIV / AIDS impacts. It can give a better picture of HIV infection in the children of the country.

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