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You can not explain the pain & # 39; – victim victim of murder victims Thoriso Themane

The victim's father, Thoriso Themane, who died last weekend in Polokwane, presumably as a teenager, told his son he would be forgiven for "crucifying the world."

In an interview with eNCA, Mahlapahlapana Themane described Thoriso, 27, a generous man, who always put others ahead and did not want to see others hurt. It was a whisper, he said.

"If he had something to give to others, he would always give it. His mother gave him too much for himself," Mahlapahlapana said about her son.

Five teenagers – one of them at the Polizwane Magistrate Court appears to be in the police court, after brutal murder of Thoriso, the bleeding found in Polokwane streets in Flora Park over the weekend.

The courts arrested on Tuesday afternoon. They are in levels 9 and 10 and face murder.

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According to the police, an alleged assault on Saturday afternoon was wounded and his 27-year-old relative was injured on Sunday. While a video by a group of people from Thoriso was circulating in social media, twitter users of the suspects who participated in the attack were Capricorn High School students.

"To compound man's compassion for men, not only between minors between 15 and 16, incidents were also filmed and posted on social networks," said Khehla Sitole, a police commissioner, on Wednesday.

Described as generosity

Mahlapahlapana said that his son's generosity was one of his most powerful attributes.

"She said," Mama, there is no one at school for food. Can we add food to this student? "This was how.

Thoriotus' father said he was experiencing "painful emotions".

"We want to talk about our minds that never passed."

According to Mahlapahlapan, Thoriso was an essay with music friends, before the events that caused death. The family opened the door of the house in the evening of Thorori's death, and could not wake up. When they met the next day he did not return, the family church went and, on his return, realized that something was wrong.

"If he was late, he would always call him," said Mahlapahlapana.

The family contacted Thoriso with his friends before approaching the police, finally finding his body at the Polokwane Province Hospital.

After Thoriso's death, Mahlapahlapana was told they were "shocked mocking."

"You can not explain the pain," said Mahlapahlapana.

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