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10 Common habit of damaging a mental illness

March 23, 2019 – 19:47
The World Health Organization (WHO) has several causes for serious consequences

We know that there are many benefits to healthy exercise, but we are not always aware of the daily deterioration and deterioration of the brain and severe complications.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has several causes for serious consequences.

The brain is essential, we work, try, think, do our daily work and have a responsibility to be a machine that is one of our priorities.

This body is capable of performing various activities, but there are customs that can damage it. Here we list:

1. High sugar content
Not having a healthy and balanced diet, the brain suffers from severe illnesses.

2. Do not breakfast
Breakfast will give you the right foods to start your day and day. Eating good foods will work your brain. Otherwise, the emergency signal will be responsible for being "fuel"; It will cause serious illnesses such as obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, and even risk of convulsion.

3. Smoking
An amazing habit of smoking reduces the supply of brain and brain oxygen. It has been shown to promote the generation of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer's.

Furthermore, heterozygous amine released into cigarette combustion causes the direct replication of the DNA by creating mutations that cause cancer cells.

4. Frequently contaminated environments
The brains need constant oxygen supply, but different toxic substances can cause interference with gas exchange, transport and oxygen processing, which reduces the brain's effectiveness.

5. Sleep is not enough
We need eight hours of rest every night to rest your brain, with the proper metabolism of the energy produced, as well as the renewal of the cells. To help you sleep in the short term, it increases the death of brain cells and you feel tired and bad all day.

6. Excess food
The body does not eat food that is unnecessary, it accumulates residual substances and hardens the brain's arteries, which affects proper functioning.

7. Alcohol consumption
Alcohol can ruin your organs, especially the nervous system, liver and heart. It causes chemical reactions in the brain. Alcoholism also kills neurons and reduces the speed of nerve impulses.

Likewise, alcohol consumption in alcoholic brain causes the development of the nervous system to "fail".

8. Stress and violence
Stress causes certain reactions to the nervous system, some of which reduce their mental capacity, as well as stroke and heart attacks.

In the field of violence, a study by the University of London has found that the brain of the children of exaggeration is learning to protect themselves and become hypervigilant, constantly alert, alert, and active, trying to find signs that are almost always dangerous or threatening.

The activation of the brain is so great and continuous that it is a great cognitive impairment and it causes very high anxiety levels; so that when adults are able to control anxiety.

9. Do not perform physical activity
The Neurobiology of Aging magazine maintains well-structured at least three days a week and improves its functioning.

On the other hand, if you do not do physical activity, your body is growing and you have a greater risk of developing a brain disease.

10. Mental illness and physical exercise
If you want to read a book or to develop your search, it increases your brain's ability to accelerate, learn and increase memory, as well as reaction time stimuli. The same is true when practicing physical activity.

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