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12th sales fell 42% and the rate dropped 10 points


In November with sales Now 12 The number of transactions fell by 42% and the rate fell by 10 points. In addition, the central bank (BCRA) binded the interest rates paid in Government financing plans. The Now 3 dropped from 61 to 52%, now from 6% to 66% to 57% Now 12 71-61% and now, from 73% of the total financial cost to 63%

If these rates are more than convenient, they are compared to those coming out of the program CFT It represents 182% of the three quarters, from 188 to 188, with 197% and 187% to 217%.

For this reason, the importance of shopping between Thursday and Sunday, now 12 days, from Monday to Wednesday.

Since its inception in September 2014, it has allowed it to finance its purchases and finance 339,000 million dollars in the third quarter of 2018 and more than 121 million operations. January-October 2018, turnover was 106,050 million euros, 27% higher than the same period of 2017. Additionally, the increase of 3 and 6 June 2017 now has improved its use: more than $ 76,000 million from its beginnings, with over 47 million operations.

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The government wants to stop the consumption stop inflation In some cases, before a type of consumer boom, the financial cost rose so much from a business. As a corollary, the consumer quoted & # 39; As it lasted, sales decreased.

This commercial downturn is not the only problem with the companies, but it should be added that if there is a value of up to 3.5% of credit card payments, it will be paid within a period of 18 business days, when the rate is 2.63%, according to Data Data.

Besides, Large commercial chains called on the Government to "Now" – Since the Kirchnerism has been called the macrism, an argument has been made: 12 and 18. They were now paying 48 hours, but they are now in ten business days, which is why they have silver days of disorder in high interest rates. "The 18-day validated payment for paid shopping cards would be reduced to 48 hours, but we would be good at 5 or 10 working days," admits one of the largest retail chains in Argentina, in a rigorous record.

What is this scenario? "There is a big problem in benchmarking, since the cost of financing has increased a lot. As a manufacturer, we have had major problems with sales due to the lack of financing, even though national products are the same, there are a lot of other imports and dollars, so devaluation is very strong. Due to the fact that it is not so large as the dollar, retailers want to be a more expensive stock.Finally, the consumer can not get the product into several payments to make the consumer hard, as in the case of electronic products such as a fall between 20% and 30% There is one of the great players in the industry.

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