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13 tips to start scratching your Android mobile

Android Brawl Stars

At the end of 2018, one of the most important mobile events was reached: Brawl Stars, the ultimate creator of SupercellSuccessful Clash Royale, Clans of Clans and other well-known titles all over the world competed with Android and iOS to attract more millions of players all over the world. Like a few games of fun and addictive Frantic fights.

The premise of the game is basic: Fighting between 3 and 3, the user has 15 characters (or Brawlers- They suggest that each of them have special abilities, sometimes they will help, but sometimes they will have to combine with other characters to win.

But, Supercell games usually, Brawl Stars conceals more secrets than invented at the beginning. For this reason, in this guide, we will bring some tips and tricks most useful Everyone can play the best possible way for any one of those games of the year.

Tips and tricks to play Brawl Stars

What are the different types of games?

Brawl collects a variety of Stars game modes, each one completely different.

  • Catches: 3 vs 3 fights, opponents must overcome the team. The winning team gets the first 10 gems. trick: If you want to be close to glass mines, gems will be created.

  • survival: battles alone or pair The only player can survive. Eventually the winner will stand.

  • Starfighter: Battles 3 vs 3 where you have to shoot down rivals and get the maximum number of stars. Win-win team.

  • heist: 3 vs. 3 battles, where you have to protect our team's security, trying to launch an opponent.

  • Brawl ballBrawl Stars's most strange game. Games 3 vs. 3, 2 goals to achieve the opposite goal. trick: Before achieving the goal, it is important to destroy all the obstacles to your team members, especially the Super skill player.

Choose your characters well from the game mode

Brawl Stars, home screen

As I mentioned earlier, each Brawl Stars character has the ability of others. This means, technically, Brawlers are not better than the rest, but in some situations they are better than others.

For example, It is recommended that these Brawlers be used with high level ATPAGEMES mode, even with them Super capabilities because the game is offensive as a game.

Instead, Game Starfighter is a game that can be more suitable for those Brawlers with a greater capacity for recovery, or suffer damage. Something similar happens Brawl ballAlso, those who are better offset by damage, better maneuverability, are also recommended.

How to unlock new Brawlers

Brawl Stars, characters

As logical, All Brawlers will not play when you start. Each one has to unlock as long as you progress through the game. Today, there are several ways to get new characters, as we will see below. Previously, it is recommended to know yourself all the characters in play and the corresponding category:

Common Brawlers

  • Good
  • Brock
  • Bull
  • Colt
  • Dynamike
  • Jessie
  • Nita
  • Shelly

Rare Brawlers

Super strange Brawlers

Epic brawlers

Mythical brawlers

Legazpi Brawlers

Once this is the case, it is time to unlock the new Brawlers. The first path exists getting trophies, which we will give each time we earn. You should be aware, well, if you lose your profits you will lose a victory.

Depending on the times you get, some of the game will be unlocked, but they can not be unlocked in this way. Brawl is the official list of trips to unlock Stars Brawlers.

  • 10 trophies: Unlocked Nita
  • 60 trophies: Unlock Colt
  • 250 trophies: Unlock the bull
  • 500 trophies: Unlock Jessie
  • *1,000 trophies: Unlock Brock
  • 2,000 trophies Unlock Dynamike

But this is not the only way to unlock Brawlers. It can also be done with precious stones, it is better to unlock a special character that you want to keep better. Gems can also be purchased through payments in-app Within the game, so be advised about it Promotions and discounts on the price of precious stones.

In the end, Brawl Stars is also possible get through Brawlers boxes. There, besides coins and power points, from time to time – and bad luck -, Brawlers will appear, especially Big Boxes and Mega Boxes.

The fastest way to raise your Brawlers level

As they say BrawlStarsUpUnlike other Supercell games, unlike Clash Royale, the maximum levels for players are forced to hit the box or play years, Brawl Stars is not strictly necessary. spend money and technically It would be enough to play throughout the year to maximize the level of all Brawlers.

Fetch * The level of Brawlers quickly rises*, the most convenient way is 3 vs 3 modes of game modes, such as Atrapagemas, Brawl, Atraco and Bounty, especially with a group of friends.

Before you fight with multiplayer players

As many players, it is possible to play Brawl Stars games against AI. It is highly recommended that you start playing games for the first time bot Controls, mechanics, attacks and other aspects should be taken into account, or it is very likely that you can play with other people around the world, not having a burden on your team. The necessary experience You will also experience playing points against votes and coins.

How to unlock it as soon as the Barley group is launched

Unlock the vegetables in Brawl Stars

If you started to play Brawl Stars, you can unlock the first Brawler easily and without having to play a single game. To do this, you have to be alone Join your Supercell ID game.

To do this, in the main game screen Click on the top right menu button, and find the title button "Supercell ID". If you start or create a new Supercell account, This game will be rewarded with this special Brawler.

Enter the game every day to get coins

As in other games, Brawl Stars rewards the loyal players who play in the daily game. In this case, The player will receive coins to make the work easier.

For example, if you show up on the game and show the next available event, at the top right you will receive 8 coins, even without playing a game. On the other hand, Games will also provide coins for the current event games.

And, of course, matching our player account and brawlers will also allow us to get coins. Remember that Coins are important, for example, to open new boxes.

Try different controls available

By default, the control of the Brawl Stars character occurs in some places Virtual controls on the screen to the left or right. However, in the game settings, you can change this option and you can use control mode based on the touch screen.

While the default mode is easy to use and intuitive enough, it is possible You will feel more comfortable in an alternative way. For this reason, we both recommend an option in both ways and choose the one that most convinces you.

See your enemies and allied circles

Brawlers, allies and enemies tend to circulate around each other in the game, either opposite or opposite to color or red or blue, respectively.

However, It means that an additional character appears around the character, its special attack is available, and in that case it is an enemy to make Brawler the most remote possible, or else we can make a mistake.

Attack a bit

LITTLE Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is the only person capable of healing other members of the Poco Group. For this reason, in numerical priority in the most fundamental game modes, it is best to avoid this Brawler from recovering the rest of Brawlers's health.

Recover your health

To be able to Revive the health of the character after sufferingIt is necessary to attack without having to wait for a short period of time. For this reason, when it is under attack, it is better to take a step from the battle line and find a safe place on the map to rest and recover lost health. Maybe you did not know another trick, while the map is hidden inside the bush, you will not be able to see your enemies.

Familiarize yourself with each character

If you are an experienced player and have not unlocked all or almost all of the brawlers, you will not be able to play with them until you have made enough progress. However, you can not Learn their attacks, their levels and their skills against them.

Therefore, in games you do not have to consider the purpose of the game, but also What are the face-to-face characters, their movements and their abilities?. You will find the same Brawlers for future games, to find out what your weaknesses are and to leave them out.

Practicing your shots

Although Brawl Stars' ammunition is unlimited, this does not mean that you do not always need to load it occasionally. The plans are accurate and completely effective, and bullets are not lost on the way to the target.

Again, it is advisable to play bots or play modes, such as shooting the Heist. Also remember that if you make a guided shot – keeping the red button pressed in the direction you want to shoot – it is recommended In the direction you point toward the enemy, and you will not shoot at this time the point.

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