Monday , May 10 2021

15 cents of dollars lost $ 38.03, although the BCRA doubled its purchases

Card – Cumulative 39 cents per week – With the single and Free Exchange Market (MULC), the currency of North America 18 cents lowered $ 36.90The band below the 1.3%, now stands at 37,379.

In the week, They dropped 47 cents a week, and fell four consecutive times.

Operators indicated the money order auction $ 40 million, with an increase of $ 20 million on the previous day, in an effort to penetrate monetary backwardness.

However, prices dropped and eased $ 37.

Shortly after the start date of the day, at $ 37.20, compared to the pre-closed, they had a slight rise in purchasing orders.

As in recent days, the external supply and income (cereal exports amounted to about $ 400 million settled for this week) was taken control of the official price drops for the second auction to make purchases on the market.

The drop in prices continued during the second session, highlighting the end, the wholesale dollar touched the minimum in $ 36.90, the end of the day to determine the level. Volume negotiations dropped 4% to US $ 579 million.

In addition, the BCRA has made an auction of 7-day Liquidity Bill, an amount of 140,353 million dollars, 58.107%, with a maximum of 58.45% and a 56.999% adjudicated.

In this way, the market established the lowest rate since the monetary policy regime was established on October 1.

"The price reference set by the official strategy has lost its importance and importance Dollar values ​​fell to unprecedented levels, not projections more optimistically, gradually gradually returning slowly and slowly with a sore retardation of the type of change, "said the operator Gustavo Quintana.

The analyst Fernando Izzo, meanwhile, has said that "The expectation of the financial operators of the market when the BCRA begins to lower its interest rates to decompress other economic variables, as it is the dollar, already on the floor & # 39; is there. "

Other markets

In the informal market, on the other hand, The blue closed has changed $ 39.25According to this survey conducted in the central caves of Buenos Aires. At the same time, "liquefied with liquids" increased 22 cents on Thursday, at $ 37.24.

In the Money between money market banks It was an average of 56%. In foreign exchange exchanges, he invested $ 163 million in investment and / or financing in dollars for the purchase of dollar dollars on Monday and Tuesday.

In the Rofex, US $ 636 million was traded, of which more than 45% was agreed in January and February, which accounted for 37.08 and 39.15% at the end of 49.46% and 46.37%. % respectively.

On the other hand, the Central Bank raised $ 96 million to US $ 66,041 million.

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