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15-year-old girl picked up materials and parents took a mobile phone: they left her and found anxiety because they could not find it – 01/10/2019


Many hours have elapsed and there is still no where Michelle Medula, a 15-year-old girl, left at home in Palermo on Wednesday morning.

Michelle is white-skinned, with brown eyes and dark brown hair. According to his father Gabriel, they took the SUBE card, some clothes and $ 1,300.

Teenagers were seen on Wednesday at nine o'clock in the morning at Voltaire Street 5900, in the city of Buenos Aires, in the Palermo district of Buenos Aires, five meters from the Ministro Carranza station.

The Public Ministry of Trustees (MPT) has been searched. Betina Vota is in charge of the ID of the people in charge of the lawsuits and law courts, position 38 and the 14 B Police Police in the City of Buenos Aires.

You must contact WTP before contacting the information or data 11 7037 7037, line 0800 12 27376 or AsesoríaResponde page The inquiries or complaints received are anonymous.

The young woman left her house at Voltaire Street at 5900 (5 minutes from the Ministro Carranza station in 5-meter underground), on Wednesdays, at 9:00 p.m.

According to the father, it was not Tuesday night family talk Michelle was angry at last, and the next morning she was not at home. He left three notes and said "Do not look for me."

According to the father, it was a debate that teenagers, who went to Ecos school, took matters and penitently because their parents had a mobile phone.

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