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2 years ago, they told him that he was a liar, since everything got worse

A boy of 4 years old was diagnosed with flu, but when his mother remedied it was much worse.

It's called Andre Carson and in March 2017 he diagnosed the flu. The next morning, when his mother woke up, she found the unconscious and hardly breathless. He immediately brought him to the doctor.

After 11 days intensive therapy He discovered the acute encyclopaedic encyclopedia of the skin (ANE), of which there are more than 59 documents worldwide. In these cases, very little survived.

"Andre He was very active and friendly. When he was in school, he became ill. I was taken to the doctor in the throat, fever, diarrhea and cold. A CT study revealed injuries to his brain and found that he had a H1N1 virus. When he left therapy I breathed to myself, I had hope again. But when he opened his eyes, he did not answer, it was like a plant"His mother, Kamareia Parrish, declared.

Fortunately, and gradually, Andre He goes ahead: he walks and tries to say a few words, communicates through an electronic device and moves in a wheelchair. His mother abandoned his work to himself.

"I was surprised to get that. Was vaccine but for another tension. I got mad at myself because I did not take him to the hospital, as the doctor explained, because they were not what was happening. The vaccine is very important. Perhaps if you want to avoid immunizing the infected person or taking measures, this will not happen."His mother said.

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