Friday , May 20 2022

20-year-old police chronicle killed 19-year-old girl


The police killed a criminal during a shootout attempting to steal throughout the province of Buenos Aires.

The incident happened on Saturday, at 21:45, Triunvirato and Gral. At the crossroads Acha, in the town of Lomas de Zamora, in the south of the conurbano.

Police sources reported that a member of the force was worn out and dressed in civilians and was captured by an armed criminal.

The 20-year-old woman gave her a loud voice, after which she tried to get her guns out and try to avoid her attitude, but the attacker started to fight and fight.

According to sources, Damián Alejandro Fonseca González, 19, he received a bullet in the body and fell on the ground, where he died a few minutes later.

ATM machine for 3rd quarter. Temperley reached the scene and checked the death of the man, the revolver next to him, adding the loudspeakers.

Investigates the prosecutor Lorenzo LatorreResponsible for the functionary of the Department of Functional Education Unit of the Lomas de Zamora (UFI), ordered the officers to have a case of freedom to treat one case. "legal defense".

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