Wednesday , October 20 2021

3 reasons for Daniel Angelik to be the director of Juan Román Riquelme Boca


Thirty days are in Boca World. The players are graduates and the activity will progress on January 3, thinking about preseason. But Daniel Angelico does not take vacation: Guillermo Barros Schelotto closes his replacement Appreciates the inclusion of Juan Román Riquelme as manager

Since last year, he has made 10 icons, which has analyzed his analysis after the defeat of the Boca River in the Libertadores Cup final.

The technical secretary, Angelici Riquelmen, might be thinking about us the next few days.

Angelici spoke in 2017 as a manager of Riquelme


"Why should not he be a director of Román? It's a reference and football looks great". That's when Daniel Angelico said in mid-2017, it was rumored that he was 10 years old. Boca's president stated that he had seen some of the games he had next to and had a pleasant impression.

As a professional experience, Román added tactical knowledge to visit European club training sessions. In the comfort of your home and friends and friends, do not miss a game: see local football (including promotion) and international.


There will be elections in December 2019 and, in the last speech, the Lehendakari mentioned. Riquelm has a relationship with Jorge Amor Amalia, who is supposedly opposed by the opposition, and that maneuver seeks to disarm Christian Gribaudo's campaign against the Director General named Angelici.

"If he is sitting with me and tells us that he has decided to become a director, why not? The club's decision is that the coach". The Roman dissolution does not depend on the desire of the next bus, in his opinion Pope xeneize.


"The only security I need to have is that the person who takes this position does not want any technician, and that is not directly applicable to download". Another Angelici's statement last year when Guillermo Barros Schelotto assumed that he was living with coaching staff.

This item is in line with the Roman one, he pointed out more than once that the idea of ​​the DT suit is far from at least in the short term.

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