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30% of the town of Entre Ríos has a gastroenteritis due to a viral infection: I have avoided the infection!

A reason mysterious occurrence supposed gastroenteritis what caused it María Grande a thirdIn the province of Entre Ríos, the Epidemiology Management team was found under the Ministry of Health's Provincial Council.

After epidemiological research, the general malaria caused by viruses occurred norovirus, which transmits contaminated foods or water consumption, or personal contact. In addition, the study completed water samples, according to the municipality, 64 kilometers from Paraná.

In this regard, the Director of Epidemiology Diego Garcilazo said: "There were more than 240 interviews and Biological and bacteriological analysis samples".

"This was confirmed in these cases, in general, caused by a virus responsible for 50% of gastroenteritis". Nausea, vomiting, fluid diarrhea and abdominal pain. However, there are asymptomatic cases. In general, these infections are beneficial, they are evolving well in two or three days, "he said.

Recommendations for preventing the disease

To prevent the proliferation of these types of viruses, to consume food and "safe water".

Water is safe due to conditions and treatment It does not have germs or toxic substances that impact on health. It can be obtained using bleach (2 liters of liters per liter, 3 liters per liter and half, and 6 drops for three liters, 30 minutes before waking up and consuming). or boil water for three minutes (looks like bubbles, waiting to cool for consumption).

Water must be stored safely afterwards. "As the battery can be cleaned and covered, it's better if it's made of plastic and it's nice," Garcilazo said. "You must leave the animal's accessibility to the ground and access it regularly and change water regularly."

Preventing dehydration

For those with gastroenteritis, the specialists reminded them of the importance Maintain good hydration, especially during the summer season, diarrhea and vomiting cause excess body removal of fluids.

Eventually, Garcilazo said: "The weakest groups are children and the elderly. breastfeeding It is essential to keep hydration and prevent this type of table from becoming worse or longer. "

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