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360,000 teenagers died in AIDS in 2030

If not invested in HIV prevention, 360,000 teenagers died in AIDS in 2030, according to UNICEF report released by the United Nations Children's Fund.

These figures show that the world is To reach his goal far away At the end of the 2030s, the Executive Director of UNICEF evaluated Henrietta Fore as the age-old immunodefection syndrome ended.

The announcement shows that the number of children and adolescents who infect a human immunodeficiency virus (AIDS) and the death caused by a cold-blooded virus will collapse.

However, UNICEF warns that progress is noticeably lower among adolescents, identified by the UN ten to ten years old.

For example, deaths related to AIDS are believed to be 57 percent will be reduced among children under the age of 20, while it will be 35% among young people between 15 and 19.

"The program to prevent HIV transmission to HIV from children provides results, but it is not enough to prevent the spread of viruses and the spread of infants. they are not close what should they have, "said Fore.

The report has a slow progress in preventing HIV prevention among children When dealing effectivelyas well as behavior of AIDS carriers. For example, Many people do not know that HIV is positive, and others have not passed the treatment.

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