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5 applications that you must remove from your mobile phone before the end of the year

They are usually the last days of the year Balance sheet and time to determine targets. But sometimes, losing unwanted lists by the next year may be a bit frustrating. It's enough how much we've won or what we did not do last year.

However, we can propose something simple and we can do it for a while, such as not removing mobile applications that do not use too much space or return time, inevitably perform this task. per week and Start a lighter year… At least in the digital world.

1. Removing the social network

In these times it is very common to install and use applications that create more seriousness than any other. Often, this place is occupied by addictive social networks. Some, like Instagram, allow you to see the time you spend each day and it's amazing to see a happy and edited picture of our contacts. Choose a happier social network (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat?) And erase it can be an excellent idea immediately before the start of the year.

2. This app can track you

We carry our mobile phone everywhere. For this reason, applications to access our location data are equivalent to controlling a radar throughout the day. In this sense, "worst" will be Foursquare and Google Maps. Yes, they need to know our location to operate, but they do not need this information for constant access. For example, you can disable continuing Google Maps tracking. GasBuddy is another complete application that monitors your location. If you do not use them too much, it's better to get rid of them.

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3. Fake security applications

At other times, everyone was aware of being a trusted antivirus installed on your computer. It's almost 2019 and we do not know clearly how our data should be protected in our phone. In fact, we all need to use VPN (virtual private network, in English according to acronyms). But be careful: if an app offers a free VPN, it's probably better to just leave it. Why? Many VPN applications often send their browsing history and data to anonymous companies in China. Non-Chinese people usually do this to offer publicity.

4. We are a product

We use many applications and services on our mobile. But there is a golden rule: unless we pay for a service, we are probably not a consumer, but a product. How did they sell us? Collecting data with us. In general, all Facebook and Google apps are free. Facebook Messenger, for example, says La Nación is one of the messaging applications that does not encrypt messages. Google Chrome lets Google keep track of all the activity.

5. The application that takes most of the daytime time

In 2018, Google and Apple added resources for time management and they took every application to lose track of how much time they lost each day on any application. They can be social networks that take our time, as well as games like Fortnite, Candy Crush and Pokémon Go, very addictive. It's a good idea to start the productive 2019 to find and eliminate the app that stole more hours a week.

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