Tuesday , January 25 2022

500 euro billet greetings: European banks start withdrawing from the market


According to the BCR estimates, 521 million euros are spent on 500 euros of circulation, 25% of which are outside the European Union.

Although these bills are currently only 2.4% of circulatory paper, it is true that less than 21.7% of the accumulated value of the money is around 260,500 million euros.

The history of the majority of the euro zone nominal banknotes has never been anonymous, which does not cover the worst crimes, especially drug trafficking, terrorism and corruption operations.

A bill of 500 euros was completed in February 2016. To this end, the European Central Bank warned that the entries could "facilitate the commission of illegal activities" to start the exit. on the market

For the moment, 500 euros are still circulating and it can be used as payment, while it can be exchanged for banks. However, they welcome the Western value card.

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