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5G including 45% better improvement and artificial intelligence


After the official departure Snapdragon 855Today, on the second day of the Snapdragon Summit 2018 conference, Qualcomm offered technical specifications for the new processor. This shows how you can expect advanced generation and high range 2019.

After showing some of the features of Snapdragon 855, it has been the plunge of the processor to see what it's inside, where it's noteworthy. 5G is not allowed natively, but it will be a feature that will be sold individually.

No, Snapdragon 855 does not include 5G

Snapdragon 855 has the Qualcomm X24 modem, which supports 2Gbps speeds in LTE Cat 20. That's it, Snapdragon 855 only supports 5G networksBecause you need X50 modem to enable this feature.

After adding Snapdragon to the 855 X50 modem, it supports faster MMWave networks and higher rated sub-6GHz 5G, that is, full compatibility with new generation 5G networks, which will open up in some regions in the world in 2019.

That's why Qualcomm has said Snapdragon 855 will be the world's first processor for Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) and 802.11a and a millimeter waves radio support, which will provide us with theoretically 10Gbps speed and 2Gbps long range speeds.

New CPU to improve efficiency

An important news about Snapdragon 855 is the Kryo 485 CPU, which certifies how we will do it 45% decrease, which is almost 845 double, the graphics will improve its speed by 20%, that is, the new Adreno 640 GPU, with Vulkan 1.1 and OpenGL ES 3.2 and OpenCL 2.0 FP support. . HDR player to add Codec, HDR10 +, HDR10 and Dolby Vision support.

This is a key performance leap A new cluster system called "Prime Core"The provisions of the kernel change with respect to the previous year. This new arrangement has a core of 2.84 Ghz, at a rate of 2.42 GHz and at 1.80 GHz, based on energy efficiency.

More and better artificial intelligence

Additionally, Snapdragon 855 also includes the new Hexagon 690 processor, which will be based on software-assisted neural networks. Fourth Generation of Qualcomm's Artificial Intelligence Engines.

Once Kyro, Adreno and Hexagon are working together, a new competence in the development of Artificial Intelligence is promoted, according to Qualcomm, for more than one 7 trillion per second operation. That is, three times more compared to previous generations and twice as much as artificial intelligence tasks doubled compared to Huawei and Apple processors, according to the company.

Indeed, Qualcomm has worked with Google to Google to improve the operation of TensorFlow on mobile devices. Google Lens photo and text recognition enhancements. This would allow real-time text to identify interchange tasks, as well as enhancements to enhanced reality applications.

According to Qualcomm, artificial intelligence enhancements will benefit the neural network of Android, which will allow voice assistants to respond better, improve echo, and eliminate noise.

Qualcomm Snpadragon 855 Android 2

Camera news

All these improvements in artificial intelligence, according to Qualcomm, will give consumers a better experience to take pictures or make videos. For example, it now adds Snapdragon 855 4K HDR videos with native 60fps low resolution supportand will also be able to create a direct bokeh effect while recording videos.

Of course, this blur will also be available before or after taking pictures, as well as other devices or images downloaded from the Internet. This would be achieved thanks to the calls Real-time segmentation algorithmsThere would be a step above the fantastic portrait of Google Pixels.

As they explain, this will be possible The new Spectra 380 ISP image processor With Nalbi's artificial intelligence alliance, Qualcomm has worked for a few months to add these algorithms and allow the new functions of the computing vision, in theory, real-time changes, such as color changing hair, eyes, skin, clothing and taking a picture from the bottom .

All this, Snapdragon 855 photos HEIF format and video recording HEVC (H.265) photos are optimized. This will allow saving energy and reduce storage space by up to 50%. In addition, a 22-megapixel camera will be double or triple, or a 48-megapixel camera.

Since the arrival of Apple two years ago, Qualcomm receives support from HEIF, this format will be known and will provide greater benefits, as JPG is not compatible with HDR, to remember computer vision and integrated video files. . This help allows three camera smartphones to be extracted Three photos at a time and save them as a single image file.

Finally, virtual reality and augmented experiences (mixed reality) will be the increase in resolution From 8K to 360 degrees.

Qualcomm Snpadragon 855 Android 3

Open the way to Gaming smartphones

While this avalanche of specs is already closing, Qualcomm has provided details on game improvement and entertainment. It looks for the use of wave telephones created this year. The first is the premiere of the platform Snapdragon Elite Gaming, which will provide tools to harness the use of mobile video games.

In this way, developers can choose between high-quality graphics to maximize performance, or high-resolution graphics to make the most of all of these devices.

Snapdragon Elite Gaming also offers support for external devices, such as joysticks, Bluetooth commands, external 4K HDR resolution monitors, and optimization of rendering and loading.

However, there are improvements in technology as well Qualcomm aptX Adaptive and Qualcomm TrueWireless Stereo Plus, which guarantees the improvement of wireless audio.

On the other hand, Snapdragon 855 will premiere the Film Experience as well HDR10 + will support the mobile phone for the first time, videos in 120fps and video optimization to optimize the video from mobile phones to movies.

OnePlus Snapdragon 855 is the first to release

OnePlus was shocked by the day when he announced that Pete Lau, the CEO of the company, would stagger. With the first embassy of 2019, Snapdragon 855 will be OnePlusIt will also be the first for 5G compatibility. We'll see what they're doing.

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