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6 Essential Tricks for WhatsApps

This year, WhatsApp has over 1,500 million users lost monthly users worldwide, exchanging 60,000 million messages per day. This makes the world's most popular communication platform.

Although instantaneous messaging is basic and easy to use, it is gradually acquiring new, more sophisticated and less familiar features. Here are some tips and tricks to know:

Tips and tricks for WhatsApp

1. Send messages to the person you do not have on your calendar

Until now, it was impossible to communicate directly with the person that was not in your contact list, even if you could speak through SMS or call via phone number. But now there is a method: you need to open a window in your device's web browser and enter the URL bar link******** ***, to finish writing to the end with your mobile

At that moment, the web opens a dialog box, if you want to send a message or if you want to chat with the phone and accept it, it will take you directly.

2. Create a copy of the interviews

WhatsApp can back up your conversations and multimedia files through a cloud storage service in order to retrieve content in the case of device change. Backup can also be set up automatically, with the frequency you choose.

This function is Settings> Chat> Babesk. Is in the section Copies are stored in iCloud on iOS and Google Drive on Android, and can be recovered in the new app to install on the new device.

3. Manage storage space

WhatsApp allows you to see how much storage it uses for each chat and in each group. Individual management is very useful for optimizing the use of phone memory. To verify, go to Settings> Data and storage> Storage usage.

For lack of space, you can back up important photos and videos always in Google Photos, iCloud or Amazon Photography.

4. Give the desired format to the messages

Many users think that WhatsApp has not changed the message format. You can highlight sections of your text bold, italic or cross. To add bold letters, you need to add an asterisk (*) to the beginning and end of the text you want to highlight; Again, it's a must-have script.

At the beginning and end of the text ~ (or tick) the symbol is the border. Another way to highlight messages uses a default font before: WhatsApp allows the use of the FixedSys font by adding three accents ("`) at the beginning and end of the text.

5. Find out if someone has blocked you

In this case, there is no method to find out, but there are some indirect elements that can be considered as references. For example, only one brand appears when you send messages (that is, it was not received).

If you add traces that are not visible to your last connection, it is never displayed online or your description or profile picture can not be seen, they indicate your lock. Trying to add another option to the group; If it does not appear in the contact list, it's a bad sign. Additionally, the app prevents voicemail users from blocking us.

6. Use WhatsApp on your computer

Since 2015, WhatsApp is in Web Services, it allows you to view your chats from any browser. Enter & # 39; Settings & # 39;> & # 39; WhatsApp Web & # 39; on the Android tab and get your QR code on the site. Your chats will automatically appear in your browser.

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