Thursday , March 23 2023

6 reasons to release new clothes before cleaning them


Most people put new outfits without cleaning them to find out if their health can be harmful.

Clear clothes Before releasing it, it is essential that the outfits should come in hand and hand in hand until the material arrives. We do not know how many people tried these clothes, and probably they are germinals and can also transmit some diseases.

Rest menstrual clothes
The clothes we buy can also include chemicals and menstrual waste, according to Philip Tarden, a researcher at the University of New York's Microbiology Department at the School of Medicine.

They can last for a month
Germinals can live in clothes for months. In this way, if you are sick and when you start shopping when you start recovering, you will be affected by a contaminated person when you try to get stung on the stomach or your germs that are still in your body.

Production and manufacturing process clothes and fabrics that make up chemicals are used. Cotton is packed with pesticides and is then mixed with synthetic clothes like polyester or nylon, made from chemicals. To eliminate all these toxic components, it is necessary to clean clothes.

More colors or patterns
Consumers and user organizations have a sealed or colored clothing risk that is more dangerous to harmful substances. This can be harmful to those who are sensitive to skin or allergies.

Female lethal underwear
All women should wash their clothes before. In some cases, anomalies have been encountered in the breasts of many ill patients that cause an unknown virus, which is very aggressive.

Animal excrements
The garments or stores that are stored in their boxes or bags are subjected to a large number of animal wounds, which means that the transmission of diseases is even greater.

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