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9-minute excitement: he stopped in Nantes-Saint Etienne to honor Emiliano Sala and the local coach cried

It was possible to find the plane in two places on the day Emiliano Sala and the English channel disappeared Nantes, whose club is idol, and took Cardiff player for 17 million euros Ligue 1, on the side Saint Etienne. And the meeting was a homage to the striker, 28 years old. In the previous season, the booths assembled two large mosaics, one footballer's surname and another Argentinian flag. Additionally, the portrait of the aggressor (including gigantography) grew and the members of Nantes worsened their previous warmth with images of the original Santa Fe Progress.

But the emotional moment has been given In the first half, 9 minutes. In it, the referee paused the match and the players and fans were exciting. "Emiliano Sala, Emiliano Sala, Emiliano Emiliano Emiliano Sala"He crowned the pitch at Beaujoire. The images were shown by the two players, with flags being applauded.

The cameras were then focused Vahid HalilhodzicThe coach of Nantes was very important at the moment of Emiliano Sala (he played 12 matches before the start of the 16 games), because the conquests were not allowed and resistant. The Bosnia could not thrill and tear into.

"He had a special relationship with her, talked a lot and we talked a lot on the day and thanked me. I did not hear anyone wrong with him, he was a big boy"When Halilhodic asked Emilianus, and his reaction was moving in the 9th month, he accepted his words.

Tributes planned for the Ligue 1 match

The plane that was transporting the room disappeared on January 21: At 20:30 p.m. (GMT), there was a close contact with the lighthouse of Casquets, in the last days there was a trace of 50 kilometers around the researchers. In this latest communication, Dave Ibbotson riders called for landing on the Guernsey island control tower. Then they did not get more information about the flight Piper PA-46 Malibu (Patent N264DB). A few minutes later, the authorities began the search for the ship search that transported Cardiff and the new driver's force.

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