Monday , January 25 2021

94 people are forced to be isolated due to the occurrence of the hantavirus


On Sunday, at noon, the Contingency Committee arrived at Huan Virus, in the city of Epuyen. There, Governor Chávez, Mariano Arcioni, has confirmed that 94 people have been in isolation, selective and compulsory, not only in the village, but also in others.

Adrián Pizzi, the counselor of the province, and the Mayor of Epuyén, Antonio Reato, emphasized the extent of the isolated, "which will lead us to the end of the appearance."

"We need support from the national government with the resources we need today," said Governor Arcion, and next week Sergio Rubinstein will receive the National Health Minister. Current occurrence status in the stream field.

Minister Pizzi emphasized the decision of isolation and said: "We have a healthy health week before we think, but in the next 15 days, it would improve the situation," "positive cases may be." This spectrum of isolated people. "He also stressed that the Malbrán Institute is pursuing" to obtain results as fast as possible, in order to find out if they can be infected by loneliness ".

The Mayor, Reato, told his neighbors that "I understand how isolated settlers can feel and nobody wants to be in their place, but it's good for everyone and the community as a whole." (ANB)

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