Wednesday , September 28 2022

A 3-year-old girl diagnosed with breast cancer – Aire de Santa Fe


The mother of the child began to investigate strange things in her body and took her to the doctor. It's the first case breast cancer in a girl

du breast cancer It is the disease that most women suffer.

80% of cases occur in women over 50. Specialists recommend that, after 30 years of age, annual checks are carried out.

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Now, it's the case that creates a strong alarm. A three-year-old girl was diagnosed breast cancer. The Chinese girl named Yanyana was taken to the hospital by her mother when they saw the baby shirt red. As they went on, they increased. Then she found her left breast cell phone.

After several studies, the experts decided to intervene in surgery. Carcinoma was removed, type of slow breast cancer. In the heart, he learned that the disease was not developed in other parts of the girl's body. Now, the minors recovered and discharged.

It's the first case breast cancer The wife of a girl. So, he has created a great deal of concern in society, he has now begun to study more about it and carry out activities on the subject.


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