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A 71-year-old French adventurer wants to cross the Atlantic in a car without a motto or commando

When it comes to the Atlantic, it is no longer a challenge, a 71-year-old French intrepid has suggested to the Canary Islands to travel to the Caribbean … the barrel. Yes, a large but easy ATM case with a coated casing, has reported reports of the Russian REN-TV network. The traveler's winds and currents hope to reach the finish line about 4,500 kilometers, about three months.

"Many people have crossed the Atlantic, in boats, in kitesurfing, kayaking, canoeing, in anything … But no one is alone with the help of wind and wind," said the traveler.

"The weather is fantastic, I have a meter of a wave and I move two or three kilometers per hour," said Savin, Deutsche Welle, as saying, leaving El Hierro.

Jean-Jean Saven was a military paratrooper and rider and worked in African national African Republic for several years. He is 72 years old, but every morning he is doing trotting and doing exercises. Before swimming in the Atlantic Ocean, he swam swim daytime.

Inspiration of the source

It is said that this trip to Savin was partly carried out by a French Frenchman, Alain Bombard, who was crucified as a solitary crew of an inflatable boat that sailed across the Atlantic in 1952, without water and food, which only fed fish and plankton. .

But Savin, who has read several times about Bombard's book, said in November that "they did not leave." [Bombard] At that moment, he provided some provisions that the doctor had brought with him.

The current trip is not so spartan. Its barrel, three meters long and a living space of six square meters, kitchen, sleeps and meals. When you enter on the ground, it allows you to observe the fish during the trip and will help you celebrate some important events with three bottles, including your birthdays.

"Obviously, we will not only leave it, we will use GPS to verify where it is, at least twice a week, how it is felt and what is happening," explained the sponsor producer producer CEO travel

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