Wednesday , July 6 2022

A bus was lost by a bus and a bus arrived in General Paz: two dead


Two people were killed and another was injured An uncontrollable truck entered the back of a long-bus bus that stayed on the shoulder of General PazkinLiniers neighborhood height

A serious accident took place at 4 in the afternoon, on the right side of the River of La Plata. Then, Hyundai champagne colored friends killed actors. His driver, on the other hand, was taken to Santoñanni hospital and is in danger.

According to police sources, Serious penalties are a male and female Bolivian nationality.

Firefighters and local police officers worked together to get out of the dead vehicle, almost destroying them and rescuing them.

The researchers manage the two hypotheses based on the evidence gathered. Some say that micro company Pair He was parked on shoulder because he was waiting for fuel to load General service at Easter. Others, on the other hand, keep up Liniers arrived at the terminal and stopped until then.

But above these two versions, all agree that the truck is at high speeds – 120 km hour hour and when he lost control he killed the whole micro.

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