Tuesday , March 2 2021

A Chinese scientist said that he created the first genetically-engineered babies

A Chinese researcher has helped create the first genetically edited babies, Twins born this month whose DNA changed the powerful tool that is capable of adapting to the new project of the new life.

If it's true, A great leap from science would be with deep ethical implications.

A US scientist participated in the genetic work of editing in China, this is Prohibited in the United States Because DNA changes occur to future generations and there is a risk of genes being damaged.

Many scientists think it is very dangerous to try, and some are similar to what the Chinese report is about to experiment with humans.

Researcher, Jiankui was the city of Shenzhen, He said he had changed embryos during fertility treatmentsand has achieved pregnancy until now. He said that his goal was not to cure or prevent hereditary illness, but to attribute a few characteristics to a few people: Ability to become infected in the future, AIDS that causes the virus.

He talks to Jiankui in his laboratory in Shenzhen (AP / Mark Schiefelbein)

He talks to Jiankui in his laboratory in Shenzhen (AP / Mark Schiefelbein)

Parents said they refused to participate, and does not show where they live or where they worked.

No one has confirmed his or her assertion independently, nor published in a newspaper so that other experts can study it. His job was announced in Hong Kong on Monday One of the organizers of the international conference on genetic publica Tuesday, and with the previous exclusive interviews Associated Press

"I feel a solid reason, not only for the first time to do something, but also to set an example", He told him AP. "Society decides what to do next" by means of prior scientific advance or prohibition. (Infobae – with information AP)