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A chronicle of a woman who was rebelled, accelerated, and dying

By faithVazquez rnando

The corpse of the corpse on the face, in the neighborhood of Virgilio Oeste in Buenos Aires, in the neighborhood of San Fernando, appeared in a house, was emptied and bite in a woman's arms. It is supposed that the terrible crime was the victim's partner.

Speakers of the San Isidro judicial department cronica.com revealed the misfortune of identifying the victim Elizabeth Alejandra Toledo.

Boedo and Gorriti joined the district of the Peruvian neighborhood, a block of traditional Viceroy Rugby Club and a sheltered farmhouse with a 200-meter stream. The aforementioned district, in the province of Conurbano, in the north.

According to the informants, the living limbs of the woman showed fierce faces, signs of fading and bumps.

Therefore, it is considered that the illegalization was consumed as a result of a warm violet.

The Virreyes Oeste police officers (San Fernando 4.a) were involved in various procedures to clarify what was happening, as the murder could have been killed by someone named Miguel Saturnino. Sentimental relationship with the victim.

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