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A clear revelation of Paula Chaves in Ariel Rodríguez Palacios

He helped the driver Geraldine Neumann and did something for her chef's friend. Watch the video

Paula Chaves He helped his friend Geraldine Neumann when he complained Ariel Rodríguez Palacios Abusive in justice in strangersHe presented the driver with a solid detail of El Nine cook.

"He told me how bad it happened, I did not know how to put it in his stories"Paula commented Initial Neumann post He painted Palacios with his actions.

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"At that time, Geg did not have a good time. If a friend approaches me and tells me he is suffering from abuse, he jokes that he feels uneasy at all times, it leaves fatal objects on the meter, who tosses with her friends and her friends, "declared Chaves in this case, to make sure later, that Neumann and his friends were legally advised. report before Justice

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On the floor strangersGuido Záffora's panel revealed that some of the falconry objects left by the chef were fruit and pepper, and the camera was similar to a pencil below the plane.

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